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semi automatic stretch wrap

Semi Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapper

  • Simply attach the Film to Load and Press Start
  • Features Power Pre Stretch at 225 % stretch for increased film yields
  • Includes triple roller powered pre stretch system- Easy Thread Film Loading
  • Photo Eye automatically seeks pallet load height up to 85" for standard Wrapper
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Product No. DescriptionSpeedCapacityLoads per HourMax Load Size Price Ea 1-3Price Ea 4+ Qty
SAPS-NR High Profile, No Ramp0 to 12 RPM4000 #30 to 4050" X 50" X 85" $9,028.92 $8,848.34
SAPS-R Low Profile, Includes Ramp0 to 12 RPM4000 #30 to 4050" X 50" X 85" $9,596.18 $9,404.26

Semi Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapper takes safety into great consideration. Cover shields protects the operator from dangerous pinch points. The safety door must be closed for pre stretch to work ensuring operator safety. Product also features emergency stop switch. If belt were to break, an emergency safety device keeps film carriage from falling. Stretch wrapper also includes 7" Color touch screen HMI which can easily adjust top and bottom wrap counts. It features a 12 program memory for storing product information.

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