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manual pallet probe strapping cart

Manual Pallet Probe Strapping Cart

  • Increase Productivity
  • Low Maintenance!
  • Easy to Use- Transport cart to Loaded Pallet, extend arm, and Run Strapping to End Clip
  • Once Strapping is secure, Roll cart Probe into Pallet along Center Stringer
  • Strapping Arm will then Protrude out the other End Allowing Operator to pull Strapping up and over Pallet
  • Features a built in Tray
  • Order Now!
Product No. Arm Length Retracted/ExtrudedStandard MaterialWeight Price Ea 1-3Price Ea 4+ Qty
HSTRAP-P2-8X8 40" to 64"24" Max. Diameter132 $920.00 $901.60

Manual pallet probe strapping cart takes polypropylene strapping with core sizes of 16" x 3", 16" x 6" and 8" x 8". This unit will come with 1/2 inch strapping (8" X 8" core) which is 9000 feet. This strap has a tinsel strength of 300 pounds. Excellent for lighter duty tasks. The tray size is 19"W x 5-3/4"D. Overall material diameter is 16" with a minimum of 13-3/4"

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