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semi automatic pallet probe strapping machine

Semi Automatic Pallet Probe Strapping Machine

  • Eliminates Hand Strapping and Speeds up Process of Pallet Strapping
  • Automatically Feeds Polypropylene  Through Pallet
  • Tightens and Seals
  • Easy and Safe for Operator
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Product No. Dimensions (W x D x H)Feed Strap HeightPower Supply Price Ea 1-3Price Ea 4+ Qty
PALLET-PROBE 31-1/2 "x 23" x 55" 53-1/2"115V $6,096.31 $5,974.38

This semi automatic pallet probe strapping  machine can hold tensions up to 175 pounds, consists of 40 inch foldable arm probe, and uses 3/8", 1/2" and 5/8" poly strapping. Note this machines comes with a white polypropylene strap with a width of 3/8", a core size of 9" X 8", and contains 12,900 feet per roll. 

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