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Pallet Trucks


Pallet trucks are a staple of warehouses everywhere and A Plus Warehouse is a nationwide distributor for quality hand pallet trucks and electric pallet trucks as well. Pallet trucks enable workers to move full pallets of materials and products simply as opposed to using a hand truck to take parts of the full load. Manual pallet trucks are employed for typical application , while high volume warehouse use typically calls for powered pallet trucks or electric pallet trucks.

What is a Pallet Truck?

Put simply, a pallet truck is a mobile trolley designed to transport pallets. Typically, the pump handle is used to lift and lower the load. When loading yours, make sure to secure the product! Once load is restrained, simply wheel the pallet truck and than lift!

You want it, we got it

Many of the pallet trucks we sell are designed for typical pallets.  These units are 27 x 48. However, we also sell products for all sorts of customer needs. We  provide narrow forks and long forks as well as units manufactured in Canada. 

We offer both powered and manual pallet trucks. Powered units add a bit of convenience, but manual pallet trucks save customers money! Customers cannot go wrong either way.  It depends on the customers budget, and application!

Who doesn’t like Galvanized Steel?

Many products sold at A Plus Warehouse can also be made with galvanized steel. This is a popular option because galvanizing prevents rusting, while also being less expensive than stainless steel. Hot-dip galvanizing is by far the most popular method of galvanizing. It deposits a thick layer of zinc iron alloys to the surface of a steel item.

Our galvanized pallet truck is great for customers looking for a pallet truck for outdoor use. It features a galvanized frame and handle as well as 210 degree steering. The product has an overall capacity of 4,400 pounds.

Great products by Great Manufacturers

We have some great manufacturers providing our customers with pallet trucks. We provide Wesco, Vestil and many other lines of pallet trucks.  Wesco Industrial products prides itself on dependable service and product , and has been manufacturing high quality material handling since 1948. Vestil is a family owned business, as is A Plus Warehouse! They are an industry leader for manufacturing, importing, and private labeling. Both companies offer a very wide product catalogs to keep customers happy!


Why A Plus Warehouse

A Plus Warehouse is a master distributor selling lockers and storage cabinets, and of course pallet trucks! We have thousands of happy customers coast to coast and internationally as well with our superior customer service and low prices.  A Plus Warehouse customers include the military , local and federal government agencies, large and small business,  and even consumers.  Our sales staff is highly trained and can help you with your material handling and storage equipment order.  A Plus Warehouse is large enough to handle your order efficiently , yet small enough to understand that your order matters!

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