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Platform Carts for your Warehouse

A Plus Warehouse is your national dealer for platform truck products. A Dollie Cart is the foundation for any distribution system. We can provide your warehouse or distribution facility with quality stainless steel, aluminum, and wood platform trucks by Fairbanks, Akro-Mils, Jamco, and many others. Our platform lift trucks are perfect for any application that requires lifting beyond the normal human capacity.

Make the Safe Choice with a Platform Trucks

Unless you’re superhuman, lifting and walking all day with 200-pound loads by yourself is sure to cause you injury. But your products won’t move all by themselves—you need platform trucks to help your work get done. A Plus Warehouse has a variety of platform lift trucks for sale that can meet your needs for safety while offering you effortless, ergonomic mobility.

Heavy duty platform trucks outfitted with 10-inch casters can easily allow even the daintiest member of staff to handle 2,500 pounds. The efficiency in handling bulk product and a low price of ownership makes these platform trucks a necessity in any warehouse.

Many customers choose A Plus Warehouse to provide them with folding platform trucks. These are typically used in office environments where the required capacity is less than 300 pounds (that is a lot of 8.5 x 11 paper!), but some may be used for light industrial use as well. Our selection includes Nexel, Wesco, Safco, and many other quality brands.

Trailers are platform trucks that are pulled by tow motors instead of operated by hand. Trailer applications are virtually unlimited in their ability to safely carry large product. Think of them like trains, using a physical or magnetic strip to travel along the track via computer control, where items are loaded and unloaded. Trailers typically have hitches that allow a long run of equipment.

Choose the Right Dollie Cart for Your Needs

A Plus Warehouse has platform trucks made from a variety of durable materials. Whether you’re moving products around the warehouse floor or carting them to and from the trucks and the loading dock, you’re sure to find a wood, stainless steel, or aluminum platform truck that can cover your handling needs.

Wood platform trucks offer you an economical option for your handling needs. A tilt truck uses the giant wheels in the middle of the cart and smaller wheels on the ends to offer you better mobility. With this caster arrangement, tilt trucks can spin on a dime and use existing space much more efficiently.

Other popular choices include double and triple decker wood platform trucks and tailgate height platform trucks. Tailgate height trucks work nicely when you unload from street level. Why bother lowering to a platform truck when you can roll the items right out? And if you add ball transfer casters to the top of the truck and retractable ball transfer casters to a work bench, your transporting becomes much easier.

Stainless steel platform trucks work great in food service applications. In industries where appearance also matters, a stainless steel platform truck carries items easily and looks good doing it.

Go with A Plus Warehouse for Your Warehouse Needs

A Plus Warehouse provides you with all the industrial and commercial warehouse equipment your facility needs to function at peak efficiency. What makes ordering dollie cart from us so simple is that once you buy, there’s nothing else you have to do. Our ordering process is made simple to help you locate the products you need and get them shipped out to you quickly. Because of how often you will use them, there’s no need to rent your platform trucks. So contact us today and order yours from A Plus Warehouse. We’ll give you a product you can rely on!

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