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Aluminum Platform Trucks

Platform trucks allow warehouse employees to transport loads efficiently across the warehouse. They are the safe choice. Lifting heavy loads all day can cause serious worker injury, and is nowhere near as efficient as utilizing an A Plus Warehouse platform truck.

Many of our platform trucks also fold, making it easier for storage! These units tends to be lower capacity, and are great for office or light industrial use.

Multifunctional Hand Trucks

Many of our products are multi-functional. For example, many of our hand trucks can also double as platform trucks! Our dual purpose hand truck converts to platform position for larger loads. It features rugged, welded construction with 1’ structural pipe frame and 1/8” wall construction. This product is also available in different colors!


Why Aluminum?

Aluminum products feature many advantages over steel such as its light weight, corrosion resistance, and strength. Aluminum weights about a third of steel. This cuts manufacturing costs. Corrosion resistance of aluminum is helpful w hen bringing your platform truck outdoors. As opposed to steel, aluminum also keeps its strength at low temperatures. Aluminum offers a lot of the same benefits of stainless steel, but at a lower price point!

Aluminum is also odorless, non-magnetic, non-toxic, and non-sparking. All of these features keep your safe!


Different Styles

A Plus Warehouse offers our customers many different types of aluminum platform trucks for different applications such as office, warehouse, indoor, and outdoor use.

For an inexpensive unit that will get the job done, we recommend our economy aluminum platform truck. This product ships quickly and comes in sizes between 24” X 48” to 36” X 72”. If features all welded construction which is torsionally flexible.  This keeps all wheels in contact with uneven floors. Extruded deck sections are engineered for high load capacity, durability, and shock resistance.

U-Boats tend to be very popular for retail operation where aisles are narrow!  Oud diamond deck U Boat features the incredibly high quality customers have grown to expect from A Plus Warehouse. The diamond deck is a great feature in particular. It created a tough, non-slip surface with great we and dry grip.  It increases overall safety, the number one priority at A Plus Warehouse! The product also features polyurethane casters! It is perfect for carting a big number of boxes.

Our Adjustable Sheet and Panel Truck is ideal to transport large or small quantities of plywood, drywall, and other sheet material. It can also be used as a standard platform truck. The item includes 2 heavy duty uprights, 2 rigid, and 2 swivel casters. Capacity with rubber wheels is 1,600 pounds, and capacity with polyurethane wheels is 2,000 pounds.


Your Right Source, Right Now

A Plus Warehouse is your right source, right now for not only aluminum platform trucks, but also material handling equipment in general. This is because of our sales staff extensive experience and the company’s longevity. A Plus Warehouse was one of the first industrial distributors to sell lockers online! Order now, you will not be disappointed!


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