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Motorized U Boat

Motorized U Boat

  • Engineered for extreme use
  • Easy navigation
  • 1000 pound capacity
  • Range ( Continuous/Intermittent) 6-9 hours, 4-8 hours recharge time
  • Includes 400W Motor with 19:5:1 gearbox, 24V battery box assembly, 24V charger, two 48" end racks, 4 swivel casters and 2 solid pneumatic drive wheels
  • Transaxle provides 360 degree maneuverability in both propulsion and free wheel modes
  • Available with several different accessories
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U Boat

Product No. SizeDescription Price Ea 1-3Price Ea 4+ Qty
MBT1621 18" X 60" $2,088.58 $2,005.04
MBT2621 18" X 60"Includes extra handle sockets at one end, 4 3/4" from outer handle position $2,148.57 $2,062.63


Product No. Description Price Ea 1-3Price Ea 4+ Qty
306020 Containment Curtain, black, 1 1/2" webbing-Velcro and buckles $98.57 $94.63
RDCR Aluminum curb ramp $328.58 $315.44
KMRD Keg Mover $188.57 $181.03

Motorized U boats propulsion feature provides assistance for locations with inclines or that cover long distances. This also reduces operator fatigue. The push to fast safety helps users maintain control on inclines in free wheel mode. The throttle automatically returns to zero to stop and lock the load if the operator loses contact. High efficient tires with proprietary solid fill material reduce push and pull effort in free wheel mode. Customers can choose between fixed drive handle and removable handle. Fixed drive handle features adjustable U loop handle with throttle for maximum comfort and steering ability. The bottom cross brace rests on deck to provide load containment. The throttle interlock button is protected from accidental impact.The removable handle allows access to product from three sides. Just as with the fixed drive handle, bottom cross brace rests on deck to provide load containment.

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