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Shelf Trucks

Welcome to the shelf truck landing page- a must have product for your shelving needs. Any warehouse can benefit from one of our shelf carts. Shelf trucks are multi level platform trucks, and come in many different styles.  We have most any style of  shelf truck you may want and more. Our products are also manufactured by a wide array of trusted vendors.

Our Vendors

Little Giant Shelf Trucks are popular at A Plus Warehouse. Little Giant’s products are all made right here in the U.S.A. They have been in business over 100 years, so you know you can trust them.  Only the highest of quality  from them. The products are made to last. We are proud to sell their line.  The deluxe instrument cart is one of Little Giant’s products.  The cart is meant to transport delicate equipment. We also get many of our  shelf trucks as well as other material handling products from Durham. It has been around for quite a while, just as Little Giant. Durham was established in 1922. They have warehouses scattered all through out the United States. Vestil is yet another one of our trusted vendors. They also feature great products such as the steel pick carts with ladder.

Our Products

One of our more interesting shelf carts is the steel pick carts with ladder.  There are two different functions in just one item! This product is ideal for larger jobs. At A Plus Warehouse, safety is always our top priority. This item is very safe with its spring loaded ladder and steps with nonskid footing. It has a total capacity of 1,000 pounds. Our Stock Picking Ladders are a deluxe version of the Steel Pick Carts with Ladder. This item features a taller ladder and has more options. The product lets you choose between perforated, expanded metal, friction mat  covered, and grip strut steps.


                Our vendors and products might be great, but what are some other reasons to order from  A Plus Warehouse? We are always adding  new and interesting products to our site to create a better customer experience. We want to help you find the ideal product for your needs. At A Plus Warehouse, we are large enough to handle your order, but small enough to realize that every order matters. We take great pride in our customer service. Our sales team is highly trained and very helpful for any request you may have.  Order Now at A Plus Warehouse.

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