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Stainless Steel Cart

You need a stainless steel cart right now! What company do you want to count on for your stainless steel utility cart? Of course A Plus Warehouse is your choice for stainless steel carts of all types.

Most of the stainless steel rolling carts offered by A Plus Warehouse are all welded with 16GA stainless steel and #4 polished finish. There are several quality manufacturers that product stainless steel utility carts for our valued customers. These vendors include Jamco, Pucel, Lakeside, Gillis Industries and others as well.

Why would a customer order a stainless steel cart instead of a standard steel cart? The answer to that is fairly straight forward. Steel platform trucks are great for handling products in a warehouse – or anywhere for that matter. A cart can handle more than the strongest person could carry. When handling food, electronic devices and other sensitive material, the idea of getting rust on the load is not acceptable. A small amount of corrosion on a cart won’t bother standard freight. When your freight can’t stand rust – you clearly need a product that will not rust. This is why food service operations order stainless steel rolling carts from A Plus Warehouse.

Should you order a stainless steel cart from A Plus Warehouse? Of course you should! We are a national distributor providing our valued customers with conveyors, lockers, shelving, work benches, hoists, cranes, cantilever racks and other industrial equipment as well. Our distribution system gets our products shipped to you right away at every day value pricing.

Our sales reps are very well trained, and can handle your questions on stainless steel carts or any other material handling device on our website. We also offer specialized stainless steel utility carts as well.  Our KingCab line of 12 GA stainless steel storage cabinets has been selling very well with the pharmaceutical industry as well as with hospitals and brewers. KingCab makes stainless steel utility trucks with the same 12 GA stainless steel as in their cabinets. This makes for a capacity that can exceed 1000 pounds per shelf. This is more capacity than most customers require – but we do offer these items to our customers moving heavy loads, and those who always want more capacity.

How does a stainless steel cart fit into an integrated A Plus Warehouse solution? Well, our theoretical company starts with raw materials shipped to you on a truck. Our load bar is used in the truck. When the truck arrives, it’s ICC bar is secured by an A Plus Warehouse dock lock. A quality dock leveler allows an A Plus Warehouse pallet truck to move the raw material to the receiving desk. The receiver than loads the raw material on a hand truck and brings it to their powered A Plus Warehouse conveyor. You probably get the idea – every stage of production and distribution can benefit from utilizing our equipment.

We are your stainless steel carts source and look forward to helping with your requirements.

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