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Wood Platform Trucks

Welcome to the wood platform trucks landing page. These products transport your goods In style. Our wooden products sell very well among customers who enjoy the aesthetic appeal. Wood makes any ordinary material handling product look better. Wooden platform trucks are just a small sliver of the wooden products available on our website. We also sell wooden lockers, wood mailroom furniture, and  locker benches. Our wooden platform trucks vary in shade and capacity. We have several different options so that you find the perfect product suiting your needs.

We Have Anything You Need

Whether you wish for a more deluxe or basic unit, we have it. Our Economy Heavy Duty Tongue and Groove Hardwood Desk Platform Trucks are perfect for customers who want a quality heavy duty hand truck at a lower price. This wooden hand truck gives you all that you could need and comes in capacities up to 3,200 pounds. The wheels are also non marking, so you don’t need to worry about the wear and tear on your floors. If you are looking for something a bit more upscale consider our Steel Framed Platform Trucks. As opposed to the economy model, this product includes a steel frame. The wooden deck is also protected from damages as opposed to the product previously mentioned. Just as the Tongue and Groove Truck, this model also goes up to a 3,200 pound capacity. While  having a large capacity can be beneficial, not all of our customers needs quite this much capacity. This is why we also offer low capacity items.

                For these customers, we suggest that you check out our economy medium duty hardwood platform truck as well as our deluxe medium duty hardwood platform truck. Our economy version has a 1,600 pound capacity. It is a great product for rolling around your warehouse. Our Deluxe version of this product comes with both 1,100 Pound Capacity and 2,000 pound capacity. The product also includes a pipe handle bolted to the end of the cart.

                We have introduced you to a few of our wood platform trucks, but there are even more. Check them out for yourself on this landing page. We are proud to offer such a large variety of material handling products to our customers. That is the A Plus Warehouse way! We are always there to assist you with any questions you may have about our products. Order your wood platform truck today!

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