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Power Stackers

A power stacker is what you need if you are looking to lift and lower heavy objects with ease and safety. We at A Plus Warehouse distribute powered stackers from Presto and Vestil, two of the most well-known manufacturers in the warehouse equipment industry. We trust their products, and so should you! You can count on us to offer only the best. That’s why the power stackers we offer can be relied on to safely move your products.

A Power Stacker for Every Industrial Application

At A Plus Warehouse, we provide you with a variety of power lift stackers. These products are great because they allow you to lift heavy loads with the press of a button. Without any heavy lifting on your part, these save you time and effort, and eliminate the possibility of injury. By taking on all of the lifting effort, power stackers get the job done while promoting a safe work environment.

Adjustable stackers are among the most efficient type of power stacker. Both the forks and legs can extend out to accommodate more weight. It is great for lifting both pallets and skids and can operate for 3 to 4 hours when fully charged.

An aluminum power lift is what you want for cleanroom environments. This battery powered lift stacker is corrosion-resistant, lightweight, and quiet—perfect for applications where you need to lift with the utmost care.

A combination hand pump and electric stacker is the ideal product when you need convenience and practicality. If electricity isn’t readily available in all areas of your workspace, you’ll appreciate being able to switch to this hand powered lift drive to raise and stack materials and products.

Powered pallet stackers are a heavy-duty choice for lifting far beyond the norm of regular power stackers. These have a 2200 lb. capacity—perfect for pallets of heavy, raw materials or products. Able to raise to a height of 62 ½ inches, this power stacker is definitely the solution for moving pallets and skids.

These are just a few of the hand powered and electric power stackers we offer. We carry a wide range of products because we know power stackers are ideal for many kinds of industry. All our Vestil and Presto power stackers are put through testing before shipping to ensure you’ll get only the highest quality products.

Let A Plus Warehouse Help You Choose the Right Powered Stacker          

Not sure which power stacker is right for you? Let our friendly sales staff help you figure out your needs. Our professional customer service representatives can help guide you to the perfect product. We have years of experience in selling material handling equipment of all kinds, including heavy-duty power stackers, battery powered lift stackers, and much more.

You would never try to lift pallets of materials on your own, would you? We have fully powered stackers to take care of that for you! Once you find the right one that works for your needs, you’ll be working more efficiently—and safely.

Contact us or call 1-800-209-8798 and let us help you do exactly that!

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