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Scissor lifts

Many wise customers use A Plus Warehouse scissor lifts in their production and distribution facilities. Our scissor lift table lines include Ecoa lifts, Bishamon, Vestil, Lexco, Wesco and others. When we mention scissor lifts, we are talking exclusively about the production units that lift a few feet into the air. We do not sell construction scissor lifts that lift people into the air 30 feet. Our lifts are product lifts, and not people lifts.

Hydraulic Scissor Lifts

Hydraulic scissor lifts make working for more efficient, and more profitable for our customers. Our lifts allow the product being worked on to maintain the correct height. Think about how much easier it is to work at shoulder level rather than knee level. Absence of scissor lifts creates backaches and other medical issues.

Our standard scissor lift maximizes worker productivity and features lifts with up to 60” travel. It is also in stock and ready to ship within 5 business days! The product also features heavy duty hydraulic cylinders with chrome plated rams.

Common Questions

Ordering a scissor lift can be a tad more complicated than ordering some of our other materials handling products. Customers pay a good amount of money for these lifts, so it is important to make sure you are getting the correct one! What is the required capacity for your application? What is the platform size required? Do you want us to weld a piece of conveyor onto the platform? Is the scissor lift mobile or stationary? Do you need a box tilter integrated with the lift? What power is available within the plant? We recommend 3 phase if it is available as 3 phase motors draw much less current, and therefore live longer and cost less to operate than single phase motors.

Integrated Material Handling System

How do our lifts work as part of an integrated material handling system? That is a good question. The goal of material handling systems is to remove as much personal motion and work from every operation. If an employee is constantly taking boxes from the floor to his work area, he is in violation of the prime rule: do as little physical work as necessary. If a scissor lift is loaded by a forklift, then the boxes are positioned by a foot switch, a 30 box skid would take almost no time to position is – 2 minutes per box to put near the work area and another 2 minutes per box to lift and move. This is over 2 hours of time – 25% of a day to move a skid to a work area, then ship it. The combination of lifts makes a lot of time available and removes a big source of back pain.

We are your source for all types of materials handling equipment, and look forward to being of service. Our toll free number is 800-209-8798, and we are here to help with your requirements.

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