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Security Carts

A Plus Warehouse specializes in security carts. We promise that your item will be 100 percent secure inside of one of these carts. We are proud to offer customers such a wide variety of carts.  We offer utility, wire, crash, instrument, mobile, and of course security carts. We want to make sure that customers find exactly what it is that they are looking for. There is also a lot of variation amongst our security carts. 

                Our Folding Security Truck is a popular options for customers who are looking for an easy to store cart. The product is colored industrial gray. The product has a 2,000 capacity and folds down in seconds for convenient out-of-the-way storage. It’s a tough and strong product.

Our Carts

Our Folding Security Truck is manufactured by Nexel. Nexel is one of our major vendors of storage equipment. Nexel products are used in different areas of industry including food service and health care. We can trust high quality Nexel products and so can our customers.

                Our chrome cart is another popular product which is designed for safe storage and product transfer. One of the many uses of our security carts! This item is available in standard duty as well as heavy duty. This product is made by another one of our trusted vendors- Storage Products Group.

                Storage Products group, also known as SPG, offers a very wide variety of products. They manufacture racks, carts, ladders, and more. They are also over half a century old. With So many high quality lines, you know that SPG is a fantastic manufacturer for your product.


Mobile Carts

Many customers that order our security carts are also interested in our mobile carts. Of course a customer can also order a security cart that also happens to be mobile. We supply all sorts of mobile carts from tool carts to expanded metal box trucks. You will not be disappointed with these A Plus Warehouse products.


Why A Plus Warehouse

You may wonder why you should order from A Plus Warehouse. This is a fair question. A Plus Warehouse has been in business for over two decades. Two Decades at Your Service! When ordering one of our products we know that you want a high quality product at a low price now! This is why so many our products are in stock. We do not want to make customers wait long amounts of time. Let us be your go to distributor for carts and our other products which include ladders, cabinets, conveyors, and much more. You will not be disappointed with A Plus Warehouse.

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