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Spills Happen, Have Your Containment Berm Ready!


When working with liquids, it is inevitable that there will be spills. A Plus Warehouse offers a wide selection of containment berms for different operations. They are a must have piece of spill containment!

What is a containment berm?


It is absorbent material meant to contain leaks.  This product prevents dangerous liquids from being leaked into nature. Not only is this an environmental issue, but it also a legal issue.  Companies often face large fines for not properly containing hazardous chemicals.

Safety berms keep you, your wallet, and the environment safe!  Because all of our berms are meat for different uses, it is important to use an appropriate berm for the task at hand. A lighter duty containment berm would not be much help for heavy trucks! We create safe products, but customers must also use and set them up in a safe manner!


All of our containment berms are incredibly safe. They comply with EPA and SPCC regulation. We have drive-through, emergency, and collapsible spill berms

Berms with Support Walls


Many of the spill containment berms at A Plus Warehouse feature support walls. This often time gives customers the peace of mind that nothing will leak out! These types of berms are incredibly popular for more frequent use.


The Multi-zone berm is split up into different compartments for added convenience. Therefor, the product has support walls as well as walls to block off the different sections. At the same time, it is easy to enter and exit between the different compartments. The product is also lightweight and requires no assembly!


Our Snap up containment berm is considered to be more permanent than many of our other spill equipment products. Its walls are incredibly sturdy. Grommets every 6 feet in the skirt allows the berm to be secured. A Plus Warehouse also highly recommends ground mats and tracks mats to protect the product.


Customers may also be interested in our deluxe leakproof berms. This product has double the support with its inside wall support. Inside walls reduce sagging and eliminated the tripping hazards caused by outside supports.

Small and Flexible Spill Containment

Our customers often times do not need a large and expensive containment berm. For these customers, we luckily have less expensive alternatives. These types of berms are typically also lightweight and easily portable.


The dripillow berm has a small footprint.  Sizes range from 22” X 22” to 38” X 42”. Spill capacities range from 1 to 4 gallons. The product features a weighted base with sandbags to prevent flipping. The berm is definitely strong enough for outdoor use! It has a sewn in absorbent pad with UV resistant mesh.


Berms for Trucks


A Plus Warehouse is proud to offer containment berms which can support large trucks driving though them. These products are heavy duty and save our customers a decent amount of hassle.

The drive through flexwall berm has a capacity of up to 5341 gallons. The product is designed with trucks passing through in mind. The containment berm only has support walls on the sides to allow trucks to pass through. The shorter walls also eliminate damage to the corners.


Our Throw N Go Berm is unique in that trucks can access it from any angle. Yet, the product does feature side walls when fluid is activated. This product is very convenient. It does not require any assembly and is the ideal choice for portable spill containment.


PVC Berms

Many of our products are made with PVC fabric.  PVS is a commonly used material because it is often soft and flexible. This sort of material is ideal for spill containment! It is inexpensive to create and is a great option for products all across the board, not just berms.


Our PVC Berms often times have a black color with yellow lines on the support walls. This makes them noticeable and recognizable.  PVC fabric is also heavy duty and a very safe bet for any containment equipment.


Protect your Containment Berm


Any outdoor spill berm can benefit greatly from additional protection.  Nature is unpredictable, so you want to be ready! A Plus Warehouse offers ground and track mats for this exact reason!


Typically, our ground and track mats are available as option with heavier duty berms. A Plus Warehouse also enjoys giving our customers many options with products they wish to order. In no way are these options mandatory, but often time customers find that they do add value to the product


When discussing containment berms, what is a ground mat? A ground mat is a mat which protect flexible containment products from rocks, debris and other shape objects on the ground. They are built specifically to be used with spill containment products.


A tread mat, also known as a track mat, serves a very similar function. They are great for protection against sharp object that could be embedded in the tires of the vehicles.


Make Way for the Spill Berm


After you order your containment berm from A Plus Warehouse, you need to set it up! Set up your berm on a flat surface, free from rocks and objects that could puncture it. Track mats and ground mats only go so far! Not only can your ruin your spill berm by setting it up on uneven ground, but you berm will also lose capacity!


Different size and capacity berms have different requirements. Some are small and require virtually no set up, and others are larger and require a more intensive set up. Take this into considering when ordering one of our containment berms.





Berg for Spill Containment


Berg specializes in containment systems for fuel and water for an integrated camp solution. They manufacture different types of berms which can be used with vehicles, drums, tanks, bladders, and IBCs. Many of their products are in stock!

Berg has been in the business of providing camp solutions since 1883! It is actually the oldest continuously operated business in the state of Washington! They started off mainly selling tents and camp equipment, but expanded to berms and other spill containment products seen today. They are always pioneering new products!



A Plus Warehouse Custom Design

Custom design is available with many different lines of products from A Plus Warehouse including our containment berms. Whether you are look for a custom size or an extra feature, we can work within your budget!


Your Right Source, Right Now


Customers can rely on the products distributed from A Plus Warehouse. They are always high quality and safe. We supply products from some of the best manufacturers in the industry!


The A Plus Warehouse difference is our customer service team. The team is always there to help customers find the perfect product for their project. With over 20 years in business, you know you can rely on A Plus warehouse!






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