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Spill Control

While there is never a reason any company would purposely spill hazardous chemicals, spills do happen. In this case, people want an efficient way of cleaning them up. Our spill control equipment both prevents spills from happenings and cleans them up when they occasionally do happen. Learn more about our spill containment options.

Before the Spill

Our containment berms are incredibly popular for spill containment; however, this is not the only way to contain spills and isn’t always feasible.

We stock many spill pallets at A Plus Warehouse. Spill pallets typically hold containers of oils and fuels. They catch the overflow liquid that can oftentimes leak out of these containers. Our spill pallets hold different amounts of drums and containers.

Our multi purpose drum stacker is an interesting product in that it can be used as both a spill pallet and a horizontal dispensing station. Hazardous liquids can now be stored on the ground with this product. The drums tacker fits two 55 gallon drums.

Another great “before the spill” item is our drip sentinel hose bibb. This product wraps around flutings and other hose attachments to absorb the small leaks that inevitably happen when disconnecting hoses from industrial equipment.

The product has a spill capacity of 80 OZ and absorption capacity of 40 OZ. It measures 6” X 10” and has a 2.5” opening. The outer membrane of the product prevents excess liquids from escaping.

After the Spill

Even though we try to prevent spills as best as we can, they can still occasionally happen. In this case, you will want products that can clean them up efficiently!

Pillows and socks are commonly used products to clean up spills. They can serve many different purposes. There are some that are meant for non-harmful liquids such as oils and water, whereas some are meant to handle more dangerous liquids such as acids and other toxic liquids.  Are socks and pillows are able to absorb up to 14 times their weight!

A Plus Warehouse also offers spill kits for particular spills. Our battery acid neutralizing spill kit includes and 8 pound battery acid neutralizing sorbent, safety googles, face shield, chemical gloves, a broom and dustpan, boots, and 2 disposal bags with ties. This works best for acid spills of 1 gallon. This kit has everything you need for battery acid spill safety!


Why A Plus Warehouse


A Plus Warehouse is your right source right now for spill control products.  Our helpful sales staff has you covered. Order online or over the phone at 800-209-8798.

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