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Swamp Coolers

For those warmer months, a swamp cooler, also known as an evaporative cooler, is a must have. They are a highly effective form of air conditioning! Despite their name, swamp coolers are not best used in swamps! A Plus recommends using them in outdoors areas with dry and hot climates. Think of Las Vegas!

How They Work

Evaporative coolers work fairly simply, They use the concept of evaporation along with electrical power to create a cold airflow. The add humidity to the air by pumping water into an absorbent substance. The fan than pushes air through the pad.  The water than evaporates into the heat. This reduces the temperature of heat, and keeps you nice and comfortable!


No Noise, No Worries

Many of our swamp coolers make little to no noise.  These are our quiet series of coolers. Sound level is similar to a normal conversation heard from a 1 meter distance.  We want our customers to stay cool without the distraction of loud noises!

Different Coolers Cool Down Different Amounts of Space

A Plus Warehouse offers coolers, that can cool down large and small spaces alike! Evaporative coolers come in different sizes and speeds. Most of our coolers are also portable!

We offer compact coolers for operations that require as much coverage. This product covers 500 square feet.  The fan has a speed of 3 amps and uses 1 gallon of water every 6 hours. This cooler is also low maintenance and offers on the go portability with its light weight and low voltage construction!

On the other end of scale, we have the king evaporative cooler. It cools a massive 6,500 square feet! It is perfect for circuses and manufacturing and distribution facilities.  Even with its huge size, it still comes portable with 4 inch casters!

Our Vendors

Quietaire is one of our great swamp cooler manufacturers. As the name suggests, quietaire’s products are quiet!  Their products move large volumes of air quietly. Their coolers also are energy efficient and built to last !They manufacture fans and other cooling systems. They are family owned, so is A Plus Warehouse!

Cool-Space from Hale Industries offers evaporative coolers that increase productivity and decrease spending. Their products are often seen in factories, loading docks, and greenhouses! Hale industries was established in 1991 and is also a family run business!  Their products save energy and money.

Why A Plus Warehouse


Look no further than A Plus Warehouse for your swamp cooler needs! A Plus Warehouse is a big enough company to fill your order in a timely manner, but small enough to know that every order matters! Our customers frequently return to use because of our superior customer service. Our sales staff is highly trained and highly personable. You are speaking with an actual person when speaking with a member of our sales team.


Our website is easy to navigate. Products can easily be ordered right online without ever talking to a sales representative, although our sales staff of course still enjoys talking to and helping customers! Order from A Plus Warehouse today: your right source, right now!


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