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Rolling Utility Carts

Utility carts are always shipped quickly at A Plus Warehouse. Our nationwide network of warehouses will ensure your utility cart order will be shipped immediately! The Rubbermaid utility cart is an especially popular item for us. You can get your Rubbermaid utility cart order filled at the right price anywhere in the USA - and Canada.

Utility carts can be make of plastic in the case of Rubbermaid or metal in the case of Penco , Lyons, Edsal, Triboro and Meco utility carts. A utility cart can be either unassembled or all welded for extra capacity. We provide utility carts with capacities over 2 tons! Why trust A Plus Warehouse with your rolling utility cart business?

This is a simple question to answer.  A Plus Warehouse is your trusted source for complicated systems like conveyors, and storage racks.  If we can be trusted to design your conveyor and storage system, of course we will do a great job of providing a simple plastic utility cart.  Our salespeople have many years of experience and have a unique customer focus.  We operate on a TQM management strategy always looking to improve the buying experience for our valued customers.

Our customers include fortune 500, Small companies, US Government, Local governments, The Military, Police and Fire departments and almost any office or factory environment conceivable. Utility carts at A Plus Warehouse are made in the USA by quality manufacturers - all of whom have passed the rigorous A Plus Warehouse product quality tests. As a service to our values Canadian customers, we also have a valuable strategic alliance with a well respected factory in Canada. Many all welded utility carts can be ordered and shipped from the Canada location to Canadian customers, saving money by not crossing the border.

The utility cart you order from us is very likely to be metal, as most utility cart items are made from metal.  Our metal products are normally powder coat painted.  The powder coat process makes the paint much more durable and consistent.  We also provide stainless steel when corrosion is a concern.  Customers in the food service business order stainless steel utility carts from us regularly.  Remember we sell the Rubbermaid utility cart.  Rubbermaid had a great advertisement years ago. The line was – don’t you wish everything were made like Rubbermaid.  This was great advertising.  Of course Rubbermaid is a well respected name not only for home goods, but for industrial items like platform trucks and stock carts in general.  Rubbermaid makes flat and lip shelf carts that are truly second to none.

A Plus Warehouse is your right choice right now!!


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