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heavy duty verticle saw

Heavy Duty Vertical Saw

  • 3 HP Worm Driven Motor
  • Consists of a 10 foot Welded Steel Frame
  • Includes  1 3/4" guiding tubes
  • Works with a 8 Nylatron Roller Bearing System
  • Horizontal and Vertical rulers are Adjustable
  • Similar to the Home Panel Saw
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Product No. Maximum CrsscutDimensions Price Ea 1-3Price 4+ Qty
HDVS-6400 64"124" X 17" X 92" $5,827.11 $5,710.57
HDVS-6800 74"124" X 17" X 98" $6,403.10 $6,275.04

The 6400 version can handle 64 inch wide sheets while our 6800 version can handle up to 74 inch wide sheets. This vertical panel saw is TUC certified to UL/CSA standards. Features solid aluminum material rollers. This machine gives an accuracy of 1/64 inch. Can cut thicknesses up to 1 3/4 inches. Consists of an 8 inch diameter saw blade. This saw has a motor of 13amps, 120V, and 220V. The frame length for both models is 120 inches.

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