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Warehouse Scales

Scales are a universal item.  Customers who ship products need to use a scale to weigh what they are sending.  A weight scale enables the user to have an actual weight figure to provide their trucker on a bill of lading.  This saves money as more and more LTL carriers charge for re-weighing shipments.  A Plus Warehouse has been providing high quality industrial scales for over a decade now by offering great service, support, and aggressive net pricing.  When ordering an industrial scale, you want to deal with a company you know you can count on.  A plus Warehouse has been your trusted source for many years for materials handling, conveyors, work benches, steel shelving and of course your locker requirements as well.

Industrial Scales for Buisiness

We do a great job on scales and have a great understanding of all aspects of the scale business. When ordering a scale you need to consider the application. Are you selling a product by the pound? If this is the case, the scales you require would be an NTEP legal for trade scale. If you are using a scale to provide bills of lading for shipments, a Non NTEP scale will do just fine for you. Of course A Plus Warehouse has the industrial scale you require. Industrial scales are used by business - and we are a business to business wholesale distributor. If you need a weight scale for home use, we are not necessarily your source.


Consider ordering a fairbanks scale from us! Fairbanks is a very well known scale manufacturer, and we are proud to be representing them! Consider the Fairbanks Deluxe Floor Scale. This product is ideal for above ground pallet weighing.  A unique advantage with this product is that it eliminates the need for corner adjustments!

Why order scales from A Plus Warehouse? We are a strong distributor with NATIONAL presence. You can order from us in any state (in fact any country as well!) and know that we will deliver promptly from our closest regional distribution point. We have the size to handle all of your requirements. We also are a small business as described by the US Government operating our corporate office in an underprivileged labor surplus area. A Plus Warehouse is willing to do what it takes to earn your buisness.We know you have a choice where to go, and are pleased that you are considering to order from the A Plus Warehouse family.

A quick word on our expert sales staff: Our people are the best in the business. There is no such thing as a stupid question with us, and every potential customer merits the decency of an answer to any question on scales or other warehouse equipment. Our people are competitive and cooperative. Your account is 'owned' by a specific A Plus Warehouse employee, but all of our people help with their co-workers account. 

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