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Bench Scales

Bench scales are used to weigh products on a workbench or other kind of lab bench. A Plus Warehouse is your source not only for the bench scale you need, but the work bench itself also! Bench scales are great because of their relatively small footprint and ease of access. When taking small measures on a bench, the concept of a floor scale just doesn't fit. Many of our bench scales can be considered to fit the digital bench scale family of product.

Of course A Plus Warehouse is an industrial distributor, so we focus on industrial bench scales more so than the consumer versions. Our bench scales are at times in the platform bench scale family, and at times electronic, counting, and old fashioned analog dial type. What companies may need a bench scale?

Pharmaceutical companies come to mind as does the military, and manufacturing companies as well.  A bench scale can be part of an R & D department just as easily as it can be used in production.  Inputs need to be measured across the spectrum of activity, and A Plus Warehouse is your source for your bench scale requirements.  A digital bench scale is great because viewing is so easy.  A digital bench scale shows you the weight in easy to read figures, and can output the data into your computer by RS 232C port or in some cases Blue Tooth technology as well.

We look forward to earning your business in bench scales.  A Plus Warehouse has been in the material handling business for over a decade - helping customers nationwide.  Our customers include the US Government, Local government, Military, Fortune 500 and almost every customer imaginable.  We have been your trusted source for conveyors, work benches, plastic bins, hoists, anti fatigue mats and warehouse equipment of all sorts.  Our highly trained sales people are ready to help and are very able to field whatever questions you may have of us.  We understand when NTEP is required and where Non NTEP would work just fine.  Do you have washdown application? No problem there either. Handling food? USDA and other requirements are easily handled also.

You certainly have a choice where to order bench scales, and we are pleased you are looking at A Plus Warehouse.  We have been selling quality industrial bench scales for many years and will continue to do so for our valued customers for many more.  Order from A Plus Warehouse.  We are a small business with sharp customer focus – constantly offering A Plus service to our A Plus customers.  We are your right choice right now.  Experience the pleasure of dealing with A Plus Warehouse – you will be glad you did.

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