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Counting Scale

Counting scales add to efficiency in manufacturing and distribution processes. A Plus Warehouse stocks counting scales for prompt delivery nationwide. If you need to ship or utilize set quantities of parts, you need a counting scale of some type - such as a digital counting scale. As we all know, time is money. With a counting scale, the scale informs you how many units of a certain part are on the scale. Simply add parts until you have the desired quantity displayed, then put the parts in a bag or box and use or ship them.

Using a digital counting scale, a shipping clerk could save 10 minutes per line item. Consider how long it would take to count to 500 parts. Now consider what happens if a co-worker asks the counter what he is doing at 330 or if he saw the 49ers game when the score was 42 to 38? The point is - people are easily distracted, and when there is a distraction the count needs to start over. If 10 minutes is saved per pick, then one hour is saved every six picks. In 48 picks, an entire wage is saved! Considering this calculation, you can see that an electronic counting scale is a self liquidating asset. IE: the savings delivered by the counting scale more than pay for the device.

How do these intelligent counting scales learn how to count?  The process is very simple.  Put a known quantity of a part on the scale and assign the sample an item number in the counting scale, then enter that quantity into the scale.  Now, select the item on the scale and put on the amount you want counted.  The scale takes the weight of sample 2 – divides it by sample 1 and multiplies this by the quantity of sample 1. Say sample one weighs one pound and has 150 as a sample quantity.  If sample 2 weighs 2.5 pounds – then the scale will display (2.5/1) x 150 = 375.  This is a simple calculation, but it is better for a machine to calculate rather than expect a person to use a calculator.

Digital counting scales are great for pharmacies as well.  When filling a prescription there is always a number of pills being dispensed.  Using a counting scale enables a pharmacist to dispense the correct amount of any given drug.  The pharmacist can have count weights programmed in for all popular drugs.  She would then press the Lipitor button then start pouring onto the counting scale.  When the display says the prescribed number, pick up the plastic scoop and put all the pills in a container.  This is a very quick and very simple operation.

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