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Hanging Scale

Hanging scales are used when a load is transferred to the scale by hoist or by hand as well. Many customers count on A Plus Warehouse for their hanging scale requirements. Hanging scales are the scales you see in supermarket produce departments. You take your bag of oranges, put the bas on a hanging scale, and see how much the fruit weighs. Of course, this determines how much you are spending. A digital hanging scale can be used in an industrial application where precision is more important. A Plus Warehouse provides a hanging weight scale for commercial activity.

You need commercial hanging scales when you are selling a product by the pound. A lobsterman selling his daily catch needs a commercial hanging scale to fairly sell his lobsters. Would you like to pay a price based on the relative size of the lobster, or the actual weight? I'd rather see how many pounds I am getting, and not decide "yeah , it looks big". Hanging scales are used in other applications also.

You can use a hanging scale as a counting scale fairly easily as well.  If you count out 100 pieces and weigh them, you now have a unit weight.  When you measure another sample, just take the ratio of weights and divide by 100.  For example, let’s say 100 pieces weigh exactly 2 pounds.  If you weigh another sample with your hanging scale that is 6 pounds, you have 6 / 2 x 100 pieces = 300 pieces.  Why choose a digital hanging scale instead? There certainly are reasons to go digital.  So much of what we do today is computerized.  A digital indicator almost always has an RS232 output port.  This means that the output can be sent automatically to a personal or industrial computer.

When data is sent to a computer, the monitoring process becomes much easier and effective as well.  If every sample is recorded, it is much harder for an employee to make an error.  Also, the occasional error can be easily caught and corrected.  A computer can also be used to perform statistical analysis on your weighing processes.  You may need to know when a measurement is happening, how frequently, which station, what product? The variety of data collectible is limited only by your imagination.

Why order from A Plus Warehouse?  We have been in the business for over a decade and understand the nuts and bolts of nuts and bolts as well as industrial equipment of all sorts including a simple hanging weight scale.  We are consummate professionals and do a real bang up job with our trusted manufacturers and valued customers.  Our customers include small and large business as well as small and large government facilities.  We sell the every branch of the US Military domestically and internationally.  Our customers are in Iraq, Afghanistan, Japan, Europe, and all places where our troops secure the peace.  We are a trusted source for many demanding customers, and we meet and exceed their expectations regularly.

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