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Cigarette Disposal Containers

A Plus Warehouse has a variety of cigarette disposal containers to supply you with. Whether you are searching for something simple and smaller or something more extravagant, we have it all. Cigarette disposals are important because even though less people are smoking today, there is still a need to dispose of cigarettes and ash. It is dangerous to throw a burning cigarette on the ground, in a trash can, or on the grass because it can spread. To prevent this there are ash and cigarette trays made purposely for that sort of safety. If they are created for safety of the ashes and fire, then it has a valuable use. These disposals are not used just for decoration, they have a purpose, and one that is needed/used on the daily.

Our Environment

We know we cannot stop people from littering, but what we can do is prevent it by creating trash receptacles and other sort of waste products. What people typically do with cigarettes is toss them on the ground, stomp, and walk away. This is what we want to prevent, not only is the littering bad for our environment, but it can also be dangerous if this happens nearby dry grasses and can potentially start a fire. By having spots for people toss their cigarette waste, we are helping to save the environment. Even though this may seem small, helping our planes happens one step at a time and A Plus Warehouse is taking this step to prevent littering.

About the Products

Our company cares about efficiency which is why we sell products that can provide multiple purposes. Cigarette urns are a necessity; however, they are not as needed as a trash receptacle. Because of this, most of the cigarette receptacles we sell can also double as a trash can. What better way to sell a cigarette disposal than through nicer looking products? We sell trash cans that are appealing to the eye, given that it is a trashcan and already is not too appealing. But with the little bit of careful design for physical aesthetic, our trash urns look in place. Our outdoor steel trash can provide you with both an urn for your cigarettes and ashes along with larger storage for all your waste.

Cigarette Waste Collector

Although we have many multi-functional items at A Plus Warehouse, we also still have products solely meant for one job! Our cigarette waste collector for example exists to dispose of those cigarette butts! The product needs to sand and is weather resistant. It also remains upright in speeds up to 15 mph. The product has a 1 gallon capacity and features galvanized steel liner material.

Your Right Source, Right Now!

At A Plus Warehouse we take everything into consideration when choosing vendors and products to display for our own customers. We look at value, quality, the outside world, as in our environment, in order to know we are doing the best we can for our customers. A Plus Warehouse is your right choice, right now.


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