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Use a Wobble Light to Light the Way Ahead


A Plus Warehouse is your source for genuine Wobble Lights. The original  is required equipment for a variety of uses. Junior version stands 27 inches tall and is used for residential construction , small rooms, remodeling, residential painting and tool sheds. The Super Duty Wobble Light is used in the most abusive of operations. Ship building and repair, road construction, demolition sites and rail yards all use super duty wobble lights.

What is a Wobble Light?

The concept  is fairly straight forward. It has a weighted base that is rounded instead of flat. This allows the light to wobble around without falling, hence the name. Construction sites are rough environments , and tools and equipment get knocked into and dropped. The wobble light keeps right on shining even when bumped into.

Wobble lights can handle plenty of abuse. Kick or hit your wobble light, and it will still be there for you. The bulbs themselves are also protected from damage due to their floating shock system.

Light the Way!

 Wobble lights range in power from 85 watt fluorescent giving a range of 10-20 feet and 5000 lumens all the way to 400 watt metal halide with 88-120 foot range and a massive 46000 lumens of output. The lights can shine so bright! They can be used for any job site!  The product has 360 degree lighting that can be adjusted to 180 degrees with a reflector.

Can’t Beat this Toughness

Wobble lights are considered by many to be the toughest work light on the planet. They are very bright and dependable while being energy efficient. They are made in the USA and stocked in the lower 48 as well as in Canada. A Plus Warehouse is pleased to sell wobble lights in Canada and USA as well!

Easy to Use

Wobble lights are portable and light weight. The product features no hot surfaces and are completely self-righting. They are made for temporary applications. Low heat inputs means that workers do not need to worry about potential burns!

Their portability allows them to be used to light anywhere you need, from bigger to small jobsites. It is important that customers use the correct light for the job. For questions about which model works best for your operation, ask our helpful customer service team.


Best of all, wobble lights require no set up. Customers just need to plug into a 120VAC supply. They can be used one at a time or strung together. We are all about convenience at A Plus Warehouse.

Your Right Source, Right Now!

Clearly you need a wobble light. Where should you buy your equipment? A Plus Warehouse is your best choice. You have counted on us for Lockers, Storage Cabinets, Conveyors, Anti Fatigue Mats and facility supplies for over a decade now and we have always delivered. Our strong position as a dotcom dealer has enabled us to earn the much coveted wobble light line of heavy duty lighting equipment.

Don't be left in the dark ! Order your Wobble Light NOW from A Plus Warehouse. We are your right choice right now!

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