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Drum Heater

Manufacturing facilities need drum heaters, and A Plus Warehouse is a great place to go for your drum heater needs. Drum heaters are used to maintain chemical viscosity even when it gets cold. In the use of a drum heater, there are some safety issues to consider. First of all, drum heaters are not for flammable liquids! Also, when using a 55 gallon drum heater – remember to put the drum heater below the level of the liquid.

Drum heaters can heat drums up to 420 degrees and more! Chemical engineers understand what is required of drum heaters, and A Plus Warehouse makes fine drum heater products available nationwide. Our brands include Acra as well as Morse.

Why order a 55 gallon drum heater from A Plus Warehouse? Simple – we have a deep stocking level that is matched only by our product knowledge. You can order from us secure in knowing you are getting a quality drum heater very quickly. Our customers have counted on us for over a decade to provide quality material handling, and storage equipment at low prices with the best shipping times in the industry. Drum heaters are handled just as professionally as we handle lockers, work benches, storage cabinets and cantilever racks.

We also sport the best sales people in the industry as well. Many companies now insist you use their website. Of course the A Plus Warehouse website is one of the better ones available, but we do not insist you use it to process your orders! We have trained people by the phones ready to handle your requests and orders the old fashioned way – with a courteous phone call, and a fax confirming what you need. Technology is great, and we certainly embrace it – but we are a sales organization, and competitors who take people out of the equation do so at their own peril.

Our stocking system is based on kanban two bin inventory. When we hit the EOQ point, an order is created to fill future requirements. This high TQM system enables us to deliver your drum heaters quickly and at a low cost. A Plus Warehouse harnesses powerful mathematical models of demand that enable us to provide you quality seamless service nationwide.

A Plus Warehouse is your right choice right now for all drum heaters.

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