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Drum Lifter

You have drums that need to be moved. How do you plan to move a several hundred pound steel drum? The answer is very simple. You need to order a drum lifter from A Plus Warehouse. Drum lifters are used to take a drum from one position, lift it to another, and typically transport them to a rack, production area or shipping area. We provide drum lifters for typical steel drums, but also provide plastic drum lifter equipment. The drum lifter you need may be a manual or powered unit – but clearly will work better than a person lifting a drum by hand.

It is impractical and dangerous for workers to handle drums without equipment. An A Plus Warehouse drum lifter will allow a worker to easily raise a drum and put it where it belongs. We sell drum lifters that are made in USA predominately, and are proud of the level of quality our workers are able to produce.

With the amazing customer reach A Plus Warehouse has, it is obvious that many manufacturers want access to our customers with their drum lifters and other material handling equipment. A Plus Warehouse only sells products from the very best manufacturers in the business. Our customers are never told they made a mistake by purchasing quality equipment from A Plus Warehouse. Is there cheap product available at a lower price? Unquestionably yes – there is. The question you should ask yourself is this. Do you want to 'benefit' from false economy and save two hundred dollars on a two thousand dollar item, and be the person standing under a drum being lifted by an inferior drum lifter? Probably not!

A Plus Warehouse only sells the BEST drum lifter equipment – not the cheapest! There are many reasons to trust us with your valued business.

We work tirelessly making sure your experience with us is positive, and you come back to order again and again. Our sale people are expertly trained in our products, and customer philosophy. We also train the entire company to be good will ambassadors for the A Plus Warehouse brand. We have worked hard to create a strong name in the industry and we do all we can to forward that reputation.

Our website is among the best in our industry, and is always available. If you prefer sales people, we never force customers to use the website – our sales representatives understand that their job security comes from folks who like the personal touch – and that is just fine for us!

We are the right choice right now for drum lifters, lockers and storage cabinets – and look forward to earning your valued business.

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