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low profile drum caddie

Low Profile Drum Caddies

  • Reduce injuries caused by lifting and carrying drums
  • Utilizes 55 gal. steel or poly drums or (2) 5-Gallon pails
  • Rolls easily on (2) 6" X 2" rigid wheels and (1) 3" X 1" swivel caster
  • Solid steel construction with yellow painted finish
  • Removable handle doubles as bung nut wrench and seal remover
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Product No. Straddle W X DWheel TypeCapacity (lbs) Price Ea Qty
LO-DC-MR 28-1/8"x21-5/8"Mold-on-rubber1,000 $155.88
LO-DC-CI 28-1/8"x21-5/8"Steel1,200 $175.62
LO-DC-CI 28-1/8"x21-5/8"Poly-on-Steel1,200 $159.21
LO-DC-PH 28-1/8"x21-5/8"Phenolic1,200 $189.87

To use the caddy, simply align the unit in front of the drum, remove the  handle, and grip drum with the handle! Remember to tip drum up while guiding base under the drum. When you are all finished, reattach the handle and transport the drum to the desired location.

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