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Folding Gates

Folding gates are an important part of plant security and A Plus Warehouse is a master dealer for security folding gates nationwide. When interested in folding gates you want to consider if you need standard steel folding gates or portable folding gates.

Portable folding gates as manufactured by Hallowell List are ultra rugged and are used extensively in schools, hospitals and other builings for crowd control. When a building manager wants no people to pass, warning signs can only do so much. Nothing says stay out quite like steel folding gates!

Of course you can count on A Plus Warehouse. We have been your dealer for storage cabinets and conveyors for over a decade, and now do a great job on folding gates as well. There are manifest reasons to count on A Plus Warehouse.

Our sale staff is truly without comparison. We understand the importance of your folding security gates order, and will not rest until you are satisfied. Also we employ a stocking process that speeds your order nationwide and in Canada. Finally, we have a great lineup of portable folding gates and wire partitions.

The brands we offer include Hallowell List, Wholesales Gate, Jesco, and others as well. A distributor is only as good as the products he is honored to sell. A Plus Warehouse stands behind their quality products and manufacturers. With all this and everyday value pricing, you can see that A Plus Warehouse is your best choice.

Now that you have decided to order security folding gates from A Plus Warehouse, it is now a good time to describe some other products we can help you with. We do a great job in work benches, lockers, steel shelving, hoists, entrance matting, pallet racks and cantilever racks as well. We also have the amazing Kingcab line of 12 GA cabinets and the ever popular Silver Bullet line of high quality American made stainless steel lockers.

Stainless steel lockers are great for the food service industry where sanitation is required and rust is a big no no! Many customers who order portable folding gates also count on us for their lockers as well.

We are your right choice right now for folding gates and other material handling equipment as well. We look forward to being of assistance.

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