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Hand Trucks & Dollies

Dollies are essential in any warehouse operation. Such a small and simple item can be such a time saving device. Consider how easy it is to move 400 pounds of boxes - 8 50 pounders by dollie. Any warehouse employee can do that. Consider now what it takes to carry 8 50 pound boxes. Even a weight lifter would have ahard time carrying 3 at a time! A Plus Warehouse sells all types of dollies including steel , wood and aluminum. We also now sell the HEAVY duty auto dollies by Merrick Machine- including their GINOURMOUS Dollie. The Ginourmous dollie has a capacity of 8,000 pounder per unit and is a tandem dollie that can be ordered standard with 3 feet between dollies all the way to 7 feet between dollies. The Ginourmous dollie came to being from a request of the US Coast Guard for dollies that can simply move about ships when on land. If your firm needs dollies , look no further than A Plus Warehouse

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