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chain hoist dual speed
chain hoist dual speed dual speed hoist hooktohook

Three phase dual speed electric hoists

  • Slow speed is great for positioning of the load 
  • Comes with reinforced durable chain bag
  • Check out our Single speed model if you are looking for a similar product that is better for lifting heavy loads
  • Includes forged steel swivel hook and pedant controller
  • Complies with ASME B30.16
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Includes Electric Trolley

Product No. Capacity (tons)Headroom (inches)Lifting Speed (ft/min)Chain Fall linesTrolley Flange Width Price Ea 1-3Price Ea 4+ Qty
HHBDSK01-01D+ WPC01D 118.1123.6/7.913.15-6.3 $5,520.00 $5,299.20
HHBDSK02-01D+WPCO3D 222.0514.4/4.613.23-7.01 $6,440.00 $6,182.40
HHBDSK03-01D+WPC03D 327.9517.7/5.913.94-7.09 $8,337.50 $8,004.00
HHBDSK05-02D+WPCO5D 537.017.2/2.324.33-7.09 $9,487.50 $9,108.00

Hook to Hook

Product No. Capacity (tons)Headroom (inches)Lifting Speed (ft/min)Chain Fall lines Price Ea 1-3Price Ea 4+ Qty
HHBDSK01-01D 119.6923.6/7.91 $3,680.00 $3,532.80
HHBDSK02-01D 223.6214.4/4.61 $4,255.00 $4,084.80
HHBDSK03-01D 329.5317.7/5.91 $5,635.00 $5,409.60
HHBDSK05-02D 538.587.2/2.32 $6,555.00 $6,292.80

This electric chain hoist has a voltage of 230/460v and control voltage of 48v. Lifting height is 20 feet. The push button cord is 18 feet.

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