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narrow aisle board lifter
narrow aisle board lifter narrow aisle board lifter two ways

Narrow Aisle Board Lifter

  • Moves rigid substrate through narrow aisles as well as  between doors and machinery
  • Consists of  extruded aluminum body frame, four 5" swivel locking casters, handle along back of frame, spring loaded latch mechanism, pull handle, and high-pressure laminate suface
  • Quickly feeds boards into printers and cutters with few injuries and damages
  • Ships fully assembled
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Product No. Table Height Price EA Qty
61600 34" $6,160.31
61602 36" $6,160.31
61604 38" $6,160.31
61606 40" $6,160.31
61608 42" $6,160.31

Narrow Aisle Board Lifter can also be used as a mobile work bench to meet changing workflow requirements. Body frame is made with clear anodizes, t-slotted extruded aluminum fastened with metric hardware and extrusion specific fasteners. Casters can transport loads up to 1,000 pounds of 4' x 10' media. Handle along the back of the frame allows operators to rotate table from vertical to flat position. Spring loaded latch mechanism locks table top in flat position, and the pull handle allows operator to easily release the hatch. In the vertical position, boards can be quickly loaded and secured against the ledge bracket to prevent accidental handling damage during transport. Lifter is 120 feet long and can quickly load a 6" stack of boards.

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