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IV Poles

Let us be your source for IV poles. We know how important IV poles are for hospitals, and we aim  to supply you with this life saving piece of equipment. They provide a way to keep fluid bags hanging steadily as well as safe transport in a healthcare setting. Check out what we have available at A Plus Warehouse today!

                The Power Lifter Irrigation Stand has a dual column system so one bag can stay up at all times. You can also easily bring nags down with foot control and then put it right back up. The product comes with a low voltage light, so users know when to charge the lifter. Battery operation removed the risk of power cords in the OR. Everything is safer this way, just make sure to keep it charged! This machine has capacity for two 5000 cc bags per column, or 40 pounds total. The IV pole includes six non conductive casters and is in stock for immediate shipment. When you want products, you want them now.

                The Blood Filtration Power Lifter is quipped with a hanger assembly that attaches blood collection bags and leuko depletion filters. The blood flows into removable segmented bins. Just as with the other IV pole, a low voltage warning light isn’t included. With this equipment, running out of power is not an option! It is important to be careful and safe. This product can hold 18 bags and includes 6 non conductive casters.  

                When it comes to medical equipment, A Plus Warehouse offers more than IV poles. We also offer medical carts that include healthcare, crash, and anesthesia carts. Safety comes first at A Plus Warehouse. Our equipment can be used at a hospital, clinic, or doctors office. Having high quality equipment is very important at A Plus Warehouse, especially in the case of medical equipment. We do not want faulty equipment to possibly lead to death!

                A Plus Warehouse is your right source right now. With over two decades in business, you know you can rely on us. We know our product! Sales staff is highly trained and here to help you with all of your product questions.  A Plus Warehouse also is an easy to navigate site. We want it make it as easy and hassle free as possible to place and order or quote. Of  course, customers are also always encouraged to call us at 800-209-8798 for any questions. Order Now!

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