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Medical Cart

A Plus Warehouse is a nationwide distributor providing quality industrial equipment. Through our relationship with Lakeside, we also now provide medical carts as well. Demands for a medical cart is different than what is required of industrial platform carts, and Lakeside is the expert! Medical equipment carts are used in every hospital, clinic and doctor’s office. Medication carts are also necessary in hospital operations.

Of course medical carts have several families. We provide emergency carts, anaesthesia carts, isolation carts and treatment carts as well. These products meet the demanding requirements that hospitals have. Medication carts allow hospitals to safely and securely dispense drugs to individual patients minimizing the chance of incorrect dosage. It is important to use the right medical cart and medical equipment carts for the right task. When you want a crash cart, you don’t want to accidentally wind up with an isolation cart or anesthesia cart. Our medical carts have the correct color and look to minimize such costly problems.

Hospitals and doctors offices have counted on A Plus Warehouse for anti microbrial lockers and storage cabinets for many years. We have pleased customers coast to coast and internationally as well. Since we sell fine wire shelving from Lakeside, they have made their entire line available to our fantastic customers – including their medical cart line.

Consider the unit dose four drawer medication cart by Lakeside. The cart is cobfigured with 24 patient bins measuring 11 in long x 3 in w x 2.5 in h. There are 48 dividers that fit into an easy to carry cassette. There is even a narcotics box located in the big drawer. We provide other medication carts as well. How about the SecurMed full sized cassette medication cart? This fine medical cart can be hand loaded or automatically loaded by computer controlled systems.

Why order medication carts from A Plus Warehouse? This is a fair question. We have been selling industrial equipment nationwide through our local warehouse network for over 10 years. We have earned thousands of happy customers over this period of time. Our customers count on us for quality products, friendly service and value every day. We provide lockers, shelving, metal cabinets, loading dock equipment, anti fatigue mats, cantilever racks and many types of manual and semiautomatic material handling devices. We are the single source for so many items.

Even within a hospital, there are needs exceeding medical carts. We provide hospitals with tilting carts, stainless steel carts, loading dock plates and boards and other storage and handling equipment as well. From small doctors office to the VA and all in between, A Plus Warehouse and our great sales people stand ready to help with your requirements. We are your right choice right now!

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