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Shipping Tape

Every single person needs tape for one reason or another. It is used by individuals as well as industries. Can you imagine a world without tape?  A Plus Warehouse specializes in packaging tape. Strong, sturdy tape, ensure your package will get from here to there. Without shipping tape, your boxes would not be secure! Get your cheap tape today.

Our Packing Tapes

                Customers like variety, and so do we. A Plus Warehouse also  adds new products to customers every single day. We want to help you find the tape that will work best for your operation. Not all packing tape is created equal! We offer water activated, fiberglass reinforced, and carton sealing tape. Each of these serves a different purpose and have different strengths. This is also just a quick look into tape we have!

Our Carton Sealing Tape is a self adhesive tape which can easily be applied by hand. With this tape, you know that your boxes will be sealed nice and tightly. It is a tape you can rely on. Do you know that we also have Carton Sealing Machines? This is the way to go if you have a lot of cartons to seal. The machine seals up to 2000 cartons per hour. Water activated tape has the reputation of being the strong guy tape.  We have a gummed tape dispenser that also includes a utility top to store small shipping supplies such as carton knives and hand stamps. Talk about convenience! However, you don’t need water activation to be a strong tape! Our fiberglass reinforced tape requires no water. It is such a strong tape because of filament fibers. This ensured extra heavy binding and maximum gripping power. Put these tapes on your shopping list!

Why A Plus Warehouse

                As mentioned earlier, A Plus Warehouse sells a great variety of product.  While you are checking out our shipping tapes, also consider our other shipping supplies such as shipping boxes. After all, you need a box to tape up! Our shipping boxes come in all different shapes and sizes. Why A Plus Warehouse? A Plus Warehouse offers the highest quality of products and customer service. You will not leave disappointed. We are a big enough company to fill your order but small enough to know that every order matters. We also act with great efficiency.  We know that when you have questions you want them answers now, not eventually.  A Plus Warehouse is your right choice right now.  Let us prove that to you and order now!

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