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Pallet Pal

PallPal is a line by Southworth that quickly gained popularity. The line has made it much easier for customers to load and unload pallets faster, safer, and the easier. Many Customers have referred to this line as a "life saver." Without having one of these products loading and unloading pallets often takes an unnecessary amount of time. However, even worse than this is that workers often times suffer from back pain and other injury. An injured worker is never a good worker.

Ever since the creation of the line in 1988, it has grown quite a bit. In 1988 Southworth released its first PalletPal item called the 360 fully automatic spring-actuated unit. This device is still available and does a great job for customers wishing to load and unload at a comfortable height without having the need to bend over constantly. The product is easily rotated even when fully loaded for added convenience. At the time the line was brand new and had not gained popularity yet, however since the time of the release of the 360 full automatic spring-actuated unit, the line took off.

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