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Pallet Trucks

Pallet trucks are a staple of warehouses everywhere and A Plus Warehouse is a nationwide distributor for quality hand pallet trucks and electric pallet trucks as well. Pallet trucks enable workers to move full pallets of materials and products simply as opposed to using a hand truck to take parts of the full load. Manual pallet trucks are employed for typical application , while high volume warehouse use typically calls for powered pallet trucks or electric pallet trucks.


Many of the pallet trucks we sell are designed for typical pallets.  These units are 27 x 48. We also provide narrow forks and long forks as well.  We have some great manufacturers providing our customers with pallet trucks.  We provide Wesco, Vestil, and private label hand pallet trucks as well.  We also provide Mobile which is one of the last manufacturers producing hand pallet trucks in North America. Various Chinese manufacturers have learned how to make high quality manual pallet trucks and of course we provide these items to our customers â€" providing great value.  We also have customers that require NAFTA compliant products. For these customers , we offer premium quality Mobile units manufactured in Canada.

A Plus Warehouse is a master distributor selling Lockers and Storage Cabinets Cabinets and has been delivering value every day to our customers. We have thousands of happy customers coast to coast and internationally as well.  A Plus Warehouse customers include the Military , local and federal government agencies, Large Business, small business and even consumers.  Our sales staff is highly trained and is able to help you with your material handling and storage equipment order.  Our sales people are among the best in the business and they all have the A Plus Warehouse attitude.  We are large enough to handle your order efficiently , yet small enough ( we are a family business ) to understand that your order matters!

We are ready to prove that we offer a high service level to our customers.  Give us a call at 800-209-8798 and you will see.  We also are an online company, so we respect customers who want to deal only through email.  We honor that.  Our company is also based on about 30 years of industrial distribution experience of our CEO.  With this background , we certainly understand the traditional way of providing service â€" faxing , mailing , and phone work.


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