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Luggage Cart

Are you looking to order a luggage cart or several luggage carts? A Plus Warehouse sells high quality hotel carts and does so nationwide. The Monarch line of our luggage carts is also available from Montreal. Of course, as an online material handling dealer, A Plus Warehouse also sells wide range of stock carts and platform trucks as well. This gives us an understanding of hotel luggage carts, and access to the best lines. A standard industrial shop cart is not what hotels should use for moving customer luggage. We are pleased to offer the right heavy duty luggage cart products to our valued customers.

Why should your firm order a luggage cart from A Plus Warehouse? We have been in business over ten years providing quality conveyors, storage cabinets, work benches, lockers, and handling equipment to industry, government entities, and consumers as well. We are a true pioneer of the internet with our initial site going live in 1997. In over ten years, we have learned how to best serve customers online, and do a sleek job of doing so. We offer a shopping cart and quote system that doesn't require a customer to call a salesperson. This works very well with a key demographic. We also offer traditional inside sales help – so customers who dial 800-209-8798 can get trained inside sales people who know the product – and who have not been outsourced. A Plus Warehouse is an American company employing Americans domestically.

With such brands as Glaro, Ex Cell, and Monarch Carts, you need to look no further than A Plus Warehouse when you need a luggage cart. Hotel carts are basically heavy duty platform trucks with some differences. First of all, industrial carts don't need to be 'attractive' they just need to haul product well. Luggage carts need to make hotels look professional. Additionally, hotel luggage carts need framing that allows coats and other clothing to be hung on the cart. Industrial platform trucks are great for back room hotel operations such as supplies and food service – but A Plus Warehouse luggage carts should be used in front of the hotel to handle guest bags.

We are your source for industrial equipment of all types. Conveyors, work benches, steel shelving, and racks of all sorts are a specialty at A Plus Warehouse – and we are pleased to also now offer heavy duty luggage carts as well. We are your right choice right now!

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