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Dump Hoppers

Dump Hoppers are a quickly shipped family of products, and A Plus Warehouse does a great job for our customers with Meco, Jesco and Vestil self dumping hoppers. If you are handling bulk product or waste, a self dumping hopper may well be a good item to use for added efficiency. An A Plus Warehouse unit is constructed from 7, 10 or 12 ga metal. Bases typically have 7 ga construction.

Meco makes a fine line of dump hoppers and dumping hoppers with capacity to 6000 pounds. Medium duty Meco self dumping hoppers have a 2000 pound capacity with the heavy duty self dumping hopper having a capacity of 4000 pounds. The dumping hopper is designed to be used with forklifts. Using dumping hoppers with your forklift will allow you to position the self dumping hopper to the proper and safe dumping height, let the unit tile and dump, then return to neutral position.

Meco dump hoppers are standard orange in color, but are available in gray enamel as well at no extra charge.  Empty drum hoppers by Meco can be stored up to 3 high for sizes up to 2 cubic yards.  There are many new features as well!

Welded seams prevent leakage.  In fact, Meco self dumping hoppers now have watertight interiors at no extra cost to you.  We also have caster sets and hinged lids as well.  Hinged lids come welded on back with center hinge, double hinged – front and middle, and finally singe hinged in the center – for front and back access.  We now sell a self dumping hopper that tips a full 90 degrees as well.  This unit tips as easy as the standard unit.

You have a choice where to order self dumping hoppers, and are pleased you are considering A Plus Warehouse.  We are a great choice with over a decade of experience providing high quality material handling and storage equipment nationwide. Not only are we you best source for a great dumping hopper, but we also provide Locker items, Work benches, storage cabinets, conveyors, and dock equipment of all types.  All customers require matting of some sort, and we also sell the Anderson mat – Waterhog brand as well as Wearwell , Notrax , Crown mats and others as well.  An A Plus Warehouse antifatigue mat can be the difference between a comfortable work environment and sore feet!

A Plus Warehouse is your master dealer for all sorts of dump hoppers, and provide A Plus service to our A Plus customers nationwide and internationally as well.  Our client list is a who’s who of corporate America and Government entities small and large.  We can process Federal orders with their credit card program or the wide area work flow just as well.  Our corporate office is in a labor surplus area, and we support the local economy with local employment as well.  A Plus Warehouse is an American company that does not outsource our telephone service center.

Call now and we will make you pleased you did.

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