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Spill Containment Supplies

A Plus Warehouse makes the containment job easier with our Spill Pillows, Spill Socks, and Sorbents equipment and supplies. A Plus Warehouse sells complete spill control kits as well as spill pallets, and the ever famous pillows, socks, and dikes that have been used since time immemorial. Not only is mitigating hazardous spills a federal requirement, but also if spilling oil in your factory were fine, would you want hazardous, slippery liquids close to your powered equipment? Our products provide a logical way to keep your workplace safe. A Plus Warehouse is here to help with your spill containment needs.

About the Products

Our Biodegradable Sorbents provide an oil only sorbent alternative that will biodegrade or can be incinerated for disposal. It is highly absorbent and is very effective when used. When you order this product from us you are sure to get it soon given that it is a quick ship item. We know not everything can be a quick ship item, but we try to make as many as we can. With this product you can have a cotton sorbent pad, wool sorbent, or even organic booms. With options likes these you are sure to find what you want.

We Care about Planet Earth

When we provide you with goods that protect our planet we feel great. Not only do we get to provide our customers with excellent product, but we are also supplying them with items that will save our planet. We do what we can to incorporate real world ideas and problems with our business. When we can combine selling equipment with helping our planet we call that a success!

Our Vendors

Most of our items in this category come from our vendor ENPAC. That company was created with a basic principle of protecting the environment from hazardous chemicals by use of these products. This vendor is the most environmentally conscious one we have so we know we are doing the right thing for our atmosphere when we work with them. They have been selling these sorts of products for years now. With each product being sold, there is more safety in our planet. We love when we get sell these items to our customers. If you are in search for spill containment supplies than you have come to the right dealer. A Plus Warehouse is your right choice- right now!

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