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Strip Doors

Strip Doors are a necessity for several different industries including refrigeration, food service, manufacturing, retail, health care, manufacturing, distribution and transportation. Of course, not all strip doors are created equal. A personnel door will be unable to be used for forklifts. The difference is in the percentage of overlap and the width of the strips. Strip doors made for forklifts have a greater percentage of overlap and strip width than strip doors made for personnel use.

“Why would customers want a strip door?” you may ask. Customers have a variety of reasons for needing them. These reasons include temperature control, insect control, managing the work environment, safety, and energy saving.  A customer may want one for several of the reasons listed above. Many customers also want just Bulk Rolls of Material.

A Plus Warehouse supplies the perfect product for customers looking for only material. The strips are available precut and perforated for customer convenience. The company can make a strip any way the customer wishes.  The strips are also available as ribbed strip doors. They are ribbed strips for heavier application such as strip doors. We also offer low temp strips. These types of strips can handle low temperatures that other strips cannot handle. Each strip also comes in insect resistant yellow. The yellow color is infused with Citronella Lemongrass to repel all insects. In fact, if a customer needs a strip door for the sole purpose of repelling insects, A Plus Warehouse has the perfect strip door available.

Our Pest Shield Insect Barriers are the most effective and low cost way to keep insects out or even in if a customer wants to keep the bugs or other insects in their observatory from escaping. The Pest Shield Insect Barriers are very easy to assemble and are high quality.

Find the best product to fit your needs today at A Plus Warehouse!

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