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Floor Scale

Floor scales are used to weigh bulk supplies and products for production as well as shipping. If you need a floor scale, A Plus Warehouse is your number one source. We distribute floor scales by Fairbanks digital floor scale and other quality brands as well. Industrial floor scales are used by manufacturers as well as distributors and shippers of all types.

You have counted on A Plus Warehouse for conveyors, shelving and pallet racks for over a decade.  Why not count on us for your industrial floor scale needs?  Why get a floor scale instead of a beam scale?  Floor scales are very handy because they are easy to ready with a digital display normally, and they are designed to weight bulky items like pallets. With a floor scale, you have the forklift operator lift the pallet 3 inches and place it on the scale, get a reading and keep on moving.  Fairbanks scale makes a Bluetooth wireless floor scale as well.  The floor scale can take the abuse of heavy use and not go out of calibration easily.

A digital floor scale is a part of your integrated material handling system.  Consider a load of bulk raw materials being shipped to your facility.  If your vendor claims to have shipped 1000 pounds of raw material, you want to make sure to weigh and make sure an error wasn’t made.  If you are expecting 1000 pounds, and stock only 700 pounds – you may run out of this material in production.  So your industrial floor scale is the first stop – almost.

The first step is the truck arriving at your loading dock.  A Plus Warehouse provides our valued customers dock seals, and trailer locks and wheel chocks as well.  Next your receiving clerk needs to check in the product.  He or she may well do that at an A Plus Warehouse receiving desk.  Next an A Plus Warehouse pallet truck may be used to move the product to the floor scale.  Next you may need one of our hand trucks to cart the product onto a conveyor that then dispenses at a shelving or rack unit.  As you can see, we are there for every step in the process.

Now consider the benefit of dealing with A Plus Warehouse salespeople.  Our people are factory trained and are the best in the business.  We will not stop until there is a high level of satisfaction.  Our six sigma quality control process enables unsurpassed performance and the best customer experience available.  Our people cooperate with each other on the basis of providing good service to ensure job security.  When you order an industrial floor scale from us – and you are pleased, you will come back again and order a conveyor system from us. This is a very easy and powerful concept.

A Plus Warehouse is your right choice right now!!

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