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Wire Carts

A Plus Warehouse has the wire carts you need! We have been selling wire carts to our customers for years and we receive many positive reactions to our products. With a hand full of options to choose from you will certainly find a wire cart that will suit your office and warehouse needs. You can become much more efficient space wise and organizational wise once you buy our wire carts. The wheels provide easy mobility and because of the wires, you can see through the cart which is great for quickly viewing your items.

Our Great Variety

We can sell you carts with three shelves, two shelves, or even a platform. Choose between carts that are all closed in, or choose one that is open. The closed wire carts provide for safety while moving the cart, and the open ones are better for the instances when the cart is staying in one place. Both carts will work well in any office building or warehouse. If you have a smaller warehouse and are looking for a smaller cart we have exactly what you need. If you have a large warehouse and need a large cart to store your items we also have what you need. We even have a wire shelf cart with bins for you! This cart can have either two or three shelves, and can come with 8, 10, 12, or 15 bins. This product is created to help your warehouse and office stay organized. Not only to the wire shelves keep your materials organized, but the bins that are included allow for even more organization. This cart is perfect for storing a bunch of different smaller parts.

If you are looking for a corrosion resistant wire cart you have come to the right place. Not only do we have a great variation of sizes and styles, but we also have some carts that are corrosive resistant. Many businesses now need material that will not corrode easy because some materials are easier handled if they are left outside and they can only be left outside if they are resistant to corrosion. Our wheels will roll fine on pavement as well as a wooden floor, so whether you are rolling in a cart of items from one building to another, or from one room to another, the wheels are sure to work well and allow you to move your items stress free.

Why Us

A Plus Warehouse wants to sell the best warehouse products to our customers. We choose our vendors wisely so we can get the best material and safety aspects to every product. We know everyone has different needs and desires for products, which is why we love to show our customers a great variety of any one type of product. A Plus warehouse is the right choice for you!

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