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extreme duty drum deheaders

Extreme Duty Drum De Headers

  • For Extreme Demand
  • Deheads steel drums at a rate of one per minute!
  • Available in 1/3 HP 110 V as well as Air Powered
  • Air is 60-100 psi at 25 cfm
  • An FLR device is strongly suggested - and not included [ Filter Lubrication Regulator ]
  • A Manageable 80 # for either style
  • Free Freight Item!!
  • Order Now!
Product No. Desc Price Ea 1-2Price Ea 3+ Qty
SHD-DH-E Super Heavy Duty Electric Drum De Header $6,935.70 $6,727.63
SHD-DH-A Super Heavy Duty Air Powered Drum De Header $6,862.50 $6,656.63

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