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Evaporative Cooler

It has been suggested that it is not the heat, it is the humidity that matters.  That may be true, but 100 degees is HOT whatever the ambient moisture.  Evaporative coolers are an efficient and effective way to bring down temperature on a spot reduction or wider area basis. An evaporative air cooler functions much as the name suggests.  Air is cooled by means of evaporation.  This is interesting thermodynamics.

Consider when a person is exercising or just outdoors in the heat.  The person will perspire.  Perspiration evaporates exothermically, reducing the temperature of the person’s skin.  This is exactly the principal an evaporative cooler works on.  Portable evaporative coolers are often seen at sporting events.  An Econo Cool can lower temperature up to 26 degrees given a warm dry environment.  Consider how this help with athletic performance.  An over heated player isn’t as productive as a comfortable player.  The same goes for plant workers.

Cool Space evaporative coolers can be used in plants to provide spot temperature reduction within work areas.  The ECONO COOL is great for use by an individual user and work area while the MAX COOL line can cool an area up to 2500 square feet.  Order a portable evaporative cooler if you need to provide spot temperature reduction and provide it at different locations throughout a day,

There are times when air conditioning makes no sense economically.  In the case of confinement farming , there is no good reason to spend the money to keep animals comfortable as they are being processed.  However , individual workers at work cells can certainly be more productive and pleased with employment if they are comfortable.  A simple portable evaporative air cooler can be the difference between keeping a valued employee and needing to replace her with an untrained person to work in that work cell.  For very short money , companies can show workers the respect they deserve by lowering work temperatures.

What of entropy? Evaporative coolers increase entropy by decreasing order and increasing randomness. Of course with entropy increasing enthalpy always decreases as well.  Curiously, entropy is the nemesis of all life – given that life is a highly orderly form of matter.  The less orderly, the less likely any entity is to remain alive.  However in the case of cooling , water turning into vapor reduces temperature , and that is a positive when people are hot and trying to work.

Of course the efficacy of an evaporative cooler has a lot to do with the relative humidity of the surrounding environment.  You may have notice that on very humid days perspiration doesn’t effectively cool you down.  This is because water will not easily evaporate when the air is saturated with moisture.  An evaporative air cooler will work much better in dry temperate areas than tropical ‘rain forest’ environments.  A Plus Warehouse has the privilege of providing the fine line produced by Cool Space. 

We have been a trusted source for materials handling equipment, lockers, work benches and other industrial equipment for many years and are known for our expert customer focus .  We are never satisfied until you have the product you want and get the respect you deserve.

Here are some comparisons between an evaporative air cooler and air conditioning.  Cost is 25% that of refrigerated air.  Power consumption is limited to a fan and water pump.  Air conditioning has to power compressors and pumps as well.  If you are in a location that is relatively dry , evaporative coolers may just be what you need to chill out!  A Plus Warehouse is your right choice right now and we look forward to helping you with your portable evaporative cooler application.

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