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5k capacity dolly
5k capacity dolly 5k capacity dolly turned over

5k Capacity Dolly

  • High Capacity!
  • 1/4" Steel
  • 9, 3" Casters- With Grease Fittings
  • Comes Fully Assembled and Ready to Use 
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Product No. CapacityWheel Description Price Ea 1-3Price 4+ Qty
5K-CAP-DOLLY 5000#9, 3" casters with grease fitting $299.64 $293.65

This dolly can transport a massive 5000 pounds. There are 9 , 3" caster with grease zerks. The 5k Capacity Dolly is made for extra weight with an extra 3/4" support bar for casters. This item will come ready to be used.

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