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Round Drum Dolly

Round Drum Dolly

  • Ideal for maneuvering drums in congested area. A deep lip around the dolly prevents barrel tipping or sliding.
  • Push fully loaded drums efficiently and safely. All welded construction delivers years of trouble-free service. Safely handles up to 1200 lbs. Dollies turn empty barrels into mobile containers for waste, parts storage, etc. Choose large 27" dia. dolly for low cost transport of overpack and salvage drums. Cartoned for easy shipping and storing.
Product No. Drum Size (gal.)Wt. (lbs.)Cap. (lbs.)Caster DescriptionInside Dia. Price Ea. Qty
H433R 30199003" polyolefin19-1/4" $70.89
H433S 302212003" steel19-1/4" $94.86
H434R 30197002-1/2" polyolefin19-1/4" $68.83
H434S 30219002-1/2" steel19-1/4" $83.26
H435R 55227002-1/2" polyolefin23-1/4" $71.40
H435S 55249002-1/2" steel23-1/4" $85.58
H436R 55229003" polyolefin23-1/4" $73.73
H436S 552512003" steel23-1/4" $97.37
H437P 85249003" polyolefin27" $77.32
H437S 852812003" steel27" $97.95

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