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Drum and Cylinder Trucks

Drum and Cylinder Trucks. The most popular piece of materials handling equipment ever created. It wouldn't be surprising if the first Drum and Cylinder Trucks were manufactured about 3 weeks after the first wheel. A Plus Warehouse has an unrivalled variety of Drum and Cylinder Trucks available to you nationwide including convertible Drum and Cylinder Trucks, wooden Drum and Cylinder Trucks, steel Drum and Cylinder Trucks, and of course drum trucks. Even though A Plus Warehouse Drum and Cylinder Trucks are everywhere, some companies still haul packages by hand. Cut that out! 125 pounds can be easily carried on a $60 hand truck with no strain. The same 125 pound load is more than adequate to ruin a person's back if the person twists while lifting. A Plus Warehouse is the Drum and Cylinder Trucks specialist and we look forward to earning your hand truck business.

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