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MRO Supplies

Plus Warehouse is your source for MRO supplies from protective glasses to vacuum cleaners. You may wonder, what does MRO stand for? MRO stands for maintenance, repair, and operations. All of these items are a part of the production process. These products are necessary to keep your operation running smoothly.

Back Belts

Back Belts are a group of products we offer under out MRO line.  This is important for you safety! They can be used for a number of reasons including medical rehabilitation.  Our back belts all have a rehabilitation focus.  Our non-stretch lumbar supports are available with or without safety suspenders. The supports hug the body making you feel more comfortable. The supports come in different colors.


Gloves are used in many industries. With our MRO glove section, we promise you will find the right pair for you. We stock gloves nationwide. We offer Latex, Nitrile, Knit, and work gloves. These gloves are used in many industries such as health care, food service, and outdoor jobs. On of the main reasons gloves are used in for sanitary purposes. Our Clear Polyethylene Food Handling Gloves are obviously intended for food service. The gloves are watertight and fit either hand. There are 100 gloves per box. These are important to prevent the spread of disease. Sometimes you may just be looking for a glove that can be worn outside with easy movement. If this is your case, consider our string knit work gloves. Stretch Knit provides a nice and snug fit. These gloves are recommended for general-purpose use.

Safety Glasses

    Safety Glasses are also an important part of the MRO family. Safety is always the top priority at A Plus Warehouse. Our glasses can help prevent unwanted chemicals from getting in your eyes. Nobody wants that! Our economy goggles are affordable yet get the job done. The product meets ANSI standards. It is available in perforated, chemical splash, and non-vented styles.  A Plus Warehouse also sells emergency shower and eye washes in the case that you do come into contact with harsh chemicals.

    MRO equipment includes a little bit from every industry. We also sell MRO vacuum cleaners. Our industrial super quiet series is commonly used for heavy cleaning. As the name suggests, it is also incredibly quiet! All of our vacuums are great for those hard to reach spots. We sell only the highest quality products. You will not regret ordering from A Plus Warehouse today. Your right choice right now!

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