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mobile scissor lift
mobile scissor lift drivable scissor lift 19 foot drivable scissor lift 12 foot

Power Drive Scissor Lifts

  • Same concept as the Manual Push Scissor Lift - But with power drive
  • Available in THREE sizes 12, 19, AND 26 foot platform heights
  • Comes with Roll Out Cantilever- this allows for above item access
  • Optional Safety Sensing system warns people as they come into a danger zone - better than always beeping
  • Includes self locking gates
  • Can be safely driven when fully raised
  • Includes emergency lowering system to prevent catastrophic drop
  • Forklift pockets for speedy movement by forklift about the plsnt
  • The 2 larger sized units are 2 man units!
  • Order Now!

Power Drive Scissor Lifts

Product No. Foot PrintPlatform SizeLowered HgtMax Plat HgtMax Working HgtCapacity# Of Users Price Ea 1-3Price 4+ Qty
DLX-DL10 30 X 4628 X 4629 IN10 FT16 FT500#1 PERSON $18,047.12 $17,686.18
DLX-DL12 30 X 4628 X 4633 IN12 FT19 FT500#1 PERSON $20,280.92 $19,875.30
DLX-DL19 30 X 7429 X 6642 IN19 FT26 FT500#2 PEOPLE $25,070.04 $24,568.64
DLX-DL26 32 X 9232 X 9048 IN26 FT32 FT500#2 PEOPLE $30,628.21 $30,015.65

Safety Sensing System

Product No. Desc Price Ea 1-3Price 4+ Qty
DLX-DL-SAFETY Suggested Option $1,351.94 $1,324.90

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