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Fire Safety

Safety is always our priority at A Plus Warehouse. Our products are the highest of quality. We don’t want customers injuring themselves with our products! We sell high quality equipment, but it is also important customers use equipment in a safe manner. Our safety equipment is dedicated to keeping the workplace safe. You need to be prepared in the case of a fire! Fires can happen anywhere at any time. A Plus Warehouse is here to help you be prepared.

Fire Extinguishers

                 A fire extinguisher is a must have at any house or workplace.  It can put out a fire before it becomes a bigger problem.  Do not use fire extinguishers on bigger fires which have reached the ceiling. In this situation, it may cause more harm than good. Not all extinguishers are created equal. For this reason, we offer a variety of extinguishers used for different purposes. Another fire safety tool is the trusted fire alarm. This device saves people lives daily.

Safety Sabinets

We also offer fire resistant cabinets. Our 4 Hour Fire Rated Safety Cabinet is our ultimate safety cabinet. This product is a must have for storing flammable items. It is also available with explosion relief panels! This is great for ultimate protection. The cabinet holds between 2 and 16 drums. We also offer an economy version 2 hour fire rated safety cabinet which is popular with our customers!

              Waste Receptacles

  Are you looking for a way to save accumulation of waste paper and other solvent free combustibles? Look no further than our cease fire waste receptacles.  This product has a unique brushed aluminum head. This cuts off oxygen supply, so fires have no chance! This product is available in a variety of different sizes. Oily waste cans perform a very similar function. They protect flammable rags, cloths, and waste from fire making sparks and spontaneous combustion. Product is recommended to stay closed when not in use. Cover is foot operated.

               Your Right Choice, Right Now

A Plus Warehouse is your distributer for all things safety equipment. Our safety product lines extends beyond fire safety. Fall protection is another important area of safety to us. Our A Frame Fall Protection is easy to use! Just roll the system into position and lock in place. This mobile design saves money time and space. This is great for temporary work stations.

                What are you waiting for? Order fire safety equipment from A Plus Warehouse today! We work quickly and give customers the best possible experience. We are your right source right now!

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